Monday, May 16, 2016

The Weather Sucks

Coming off a bad weekend in Buffalo.

Hail in some parts and snow in the forecast.

I've driven by a couple of golf courses...

...that's about it.

Legs feel like garbage anyways...

...but it's the point!

I want to be able to golf on the weekends if I can manage it!

I'm not golfing when it's 28 degrees out...

...I have enough trouble getting the ball to carry.

But what the hell can you do about it?

Just grab a coat and a hat and mittens if you need to and head out and do like everyone else:


"I wish it would warm up."

"This is awful."

"Where's the sun?"

I suppose that weather is a great place to start when you have absolutely nothing to say to the other person.

I'm hoping I'm not getting to the point where the weather forecast on the news isn't the most important part of the day...

...but there are some very attractive weather girls on the national feeds.

And they haven't had any good news yet.

28 with the chance of some of 'the white stuff' isn't what I need to hear in May.

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