Sunday, May 1, 2016

Wake Up Yankees!!!

Years ago I was listening to an interview with Uncle George Steinbrenner.

He said that he put money into the team because he loved Yankee fans.

"The fans have a better day when the Yankees win," he said.

And that's undeniably true around Camp Clifford.

For me, Sam and Kathy.

The other nitwits are happy when the Yankees lose.

(So are a few of my idiot friends).

So far this year the nitwits and idiots are happier than the baseball geniuses.


The games haven't been a whole lot of fun to watch so far:

Two guys get on and then Chase Headley hits into a double play.

A guy gets over to first with just one out...

...and Chase Headley strikes out on three pitches.

And the MRI's!!

Stop with the freaking MRI's!!

It takes an act of God to get an MRI for a real medical problem but if A-Rod feels a twinge when he's hitting off a tee...he sits for 5 days after his MRI comes back clean.

And the pitching hasn't been great either.

The baseball world starts counting pitches in the first freaking inning!

"He's already thrown 10 pitches!"

Dear Lord!

And the days off for the relievers!!

"He's unavailable today because he threw 12 pitches yesterday and 9 pitches the day before!"

Poor guy!

"We need to give guys days off!"

How about I get a day off???

Ah, crap!

I miss Uncle George!

Of course, I BILLieve that they will be just fine...

...but they better get moving!

Because I'm getting pissed.

So is Sam...

And forget about it...

Pops is livid.




Put me in coach.

I'll play through all kinds of pain!

I can hit better than Headley.

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