Thursday, May 5, 2016

He's Not A Pedophile!

Hunter Osborn, who is a football player and a senior at a high school in Arizona, pulled a prank.

While they were taking the yearbook photo he flashed the camera.

A front shot.

It was a small photo.

His prank went unnoticed by everyone, including the editor.

They put the photo in the yearbook and it went out. The yearbook was delivered to minors. For that, Osborn is facing some major trouble.

He has been charged with 69 counts (they couldn't find one more or one less?)

Including a felony!

The kid feels awful. Some people in town are rallying behind him. Others are talking about hanging him. Almost everyone agrees that it is going to be stuck to his name for a long, long time.

Stop it!

He's not a pedophile and shouldn't have to identify as one for the rest of his life.

I've known some pranksters in my day. I certainly have known a number of people who might have actually tried such a stunt.

Back in my day...

...if caught there would have been some trouble.

But not 69 charges!

Not a felony charge!!

The kid was a knucklehead... doubt about it...

...but someone else should've caught it.

He didn't distribute the photo...

...they did!!

"That's classic," Jake said. "That kid is a flat-out rock star at that school."

And he probably is.

Here's hoping they don't ruin his life over it.

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