Sunday, May 22, 2016

What the Hell Is Madonna Doing?

The New York Post ran a couple of photos of Madonna this week...

...I'm not grabbing the photos for you...

One shows her breasts through a see-through shirt.

The other shows her ass...

...also see-through.

She's 57 years old!

Do we wanna' see that anymore?

Haven't we all seen it about 50 times by now?

Back in the 80's she was a young superstar...

...she played the slut to an extreme and made hundreds of millions.

She also had a few good songs and I kind of looked when she appeared half-naked.


Well, I looked again...

...but that's not the point.

What is she doing?

What's the career trajectory here?

Shouldn't she have taken it another way?

She has kids.

One of them, reportedly, doesn't want anything to do with her.

Could he be embarrassed?

Ah well...

...there has to be an audience for it, right?

She really doesn't have much left to show us.

Does she?

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