Friday, May 20, 2016

Joey Bats

Back in October I made a prediction.

Jose Bautista had hit a huge homer for the Toronto Blue Jays against the Texas Rangers.

He was going to take one in the ribs for celebrating the homer.

And I was wildly ridiculed as an old man who was in touch with those who believed that baseball needs the spark of men celebrating their accomplishments.

I argued far and wide.

Maybe even a little too hard.

Now let me be honest here...I hate all all sports.

I can't stand when LeBron beats on his chest after a dunk.

I don't like when wide receivers make the first down signal after making a catch.

I can see celebrating a hockey goal, but even when they take their stick and point it like a rifle...'s a little much.

So I made my prediction.

"I can't wait until Texas pays him back," I wrote.

But my pleasure was more than doubled by the Rangers second baseman, Rougned Odor (yeah...that's his name).

Odor punched Joey Bats in the face.

And it was a helluva' punch...a solid right cross.

Odor probably went a bit too far, but it was bound to happen.

Baseball has always policed itself.

Celebrating is yours to do...just know that there is a price to pay.

And back then I didn't have a real problem with Bautista being happy...

...but he scowled into the Rangers dugout and out at the pitcher.

That's garbage.

He got one in the ribs for that...

...but he wanted the last he slid late...

...and Odor popped him.

Just making baseball fun again, right?

Will he bat flip again?

He might think twice.

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