Thursday, May 19, 2016

Daisy, Doris & Mary Ellen

Was in Indianola, Iowa checking a job.

I decided to grab a newspaper to glance at as I ate lunch and while I ate enough...this story isn't about lunch.

I passed on the USA Today and instead grabbed the Indianola-Record-Herald instead.

Why not learn a little about the place?

And that's where I met Daisy, Doris and Mary Ellen. They were all in the obits. The youngest of the 3 was 85 so I didn't feel any pain in reading the accounting of their lives.

Nice, simple lives.

Doris and her husband, Stan, sold cream and butter.

Daisy and George operated a cow/calf operation.

Mary Ellen met her husband, Nellie, when he scooped her off the floor at the roller rink in 1947.
They were together ever since.

All three of the obits spoke of a love of God. Daisy, Doris and Mary Ellen were shooting hard for everlasting life.

Mary Ellen had 10 great grandchildren, Doris had 8 and Daisy won that competition with 12.

And I must say that life in Iowa does seem a tad slower. There is a lot of flat, green land, and farm after farm after farm.

Doris liked to crochet and give afghans away to her friends. Her rememberance told us all that many of her friends are still enjoying the afghan that she presented to them as a gift of her friendship.

Green Acres anyone?

But I kind of liked the feel of all of it.

There was a full page recap of the school play...all 80 kids were mentioned.

A man wrote a letter to the editor to let the community in on the secret of being better men and women...more neighborly.

Yet I thought about the people in the town in the context of what they see out in the big, bad world...presented by the horrible media.

I can understand some of the fear of the unknown.

It's kinda' neat.

Rest in peace, Daisy, Doris and Mary Ellen.

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