Monday, May 2, 2016

Smoking Pot While Wearing A Gas Mask...

...might hurt you as you start your career.

Who hasn't seen the photo of Laremy Tunsil, the new Miami Dolphins football player?

Just before the draft a photo of Tunsil with a bong and a gas mask surfaced.

They are saying that the photo cost him about $13 million as his draft stock slipped.

That's an expensive post.

The NFL Draft is interesting to me for one reason:

It allows me to look up the arrest and disciplinary records of the new guys coming to town.

"Armed robbery?" He said he was sorry.

"Drug bust?" He was in a room where other people were smoking.

"Domestic violence?" His step-father was asking for it.

Ahhh...God Bless the new millionaires...I'm sure it'll work out fine.

Every GM in every town tells their fan base:

"This is the guy we wanted! We would've taken him in the first round!!"

And the fans eat it up!

"Perfect draft! We're gonna' be a force!!"

But back to Tunsil.

The photo was definitely him.

Did someone in his circle post it to mess with the guy?

He was certainly guilty of being a little stupid, but in this day and age a kid smoking pot might not be the worst of all possible scenarios.

Social media can certainly come back and bite you, though...and I have had that discussion with my boys until they've yelled out:


Now, I write and say pretty much all that I want on social media...but there won't be any photos of me and a bong popping up.



Thank God there weren't cell phones in every pocket back in the 80's.

That's another story.

This kid should be okay, eventually.

I'm sure he's embarrassed.

But people forget.

Just try not to be dumb again.

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