Saturday, May 7, 2016

Trump V Clinton

Admit it... didn't think it was possible, did you?

And now you're gonna hear the "neither one is worth a crap" statement about 5,000 times between now and November and the nicknames and the name-calling is going to be off the hook as the kids used to say.

I'm worn out.

I really am.

I'm waiting for Donald to announce who his running mate will be, but beyond that it's grown stale.

Does Donald ask Little Marco?

Or Lying Ted?

Chris Christie has already swallowed his pride and is now at the right hand of the man he called a fraud...will all the others bend too?

And will Hiliary stop shrieking when she speaks? She's a little like listening to your least favorite Aunt babble on...

...can you imagine 4 years of that?

And what will Bill do as he roams around the White House with few responsibilities?

That could get real ugly.

So many questions... much at stake...

...and the game show is just beginning!

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