Monday, May 23, 2016

Spring Work

This is the time of the year when everyone starts on the projects outside in an effort to get the house in shape.

I must admit that Camp Clifford needs some work, but the campers don't seem to care, and the camp counselor struggles to do said work.

The trim on the house needs painting. The garage needs paint and some woodwork done. The landscaping always needs to be handled after a Buffalo winter...


Freaking Weeds!!!

The weeds need to be picked!

"You pick 'em and they grow back," Ssm said. "Makes no sense."

"Then why cut the grass?" I asked. "Why even get a haircut?"

But weed-pulling is still not popular...

...I have to beg them.

I actually try and grab a few each time I step is a bit of a losing battle for me mentally.

"It's you! Not the weeds," Sam tried. "Look around...who needs EVERY single weed gone?"

"Me," I said. "And you too if you want to see the inside of Ralph Wilson Stadium this year."

So that got a few weeds picked...

...yet what is even more dreaded is the paint at the interior...

...because that will inconvenience the campers even more!

Ah well.

My neighbor was in her side garden yesterday...tilling the soil and planting flowers. She smiled and waved.

She's in her 30's.

I could almost feel her looking at the weeds in my flower bed.

I'm in my 50's and broken down.

"Sam!" I yelled. "Pick some weeds!!

He laughed.

Camp Clifford needs repair!

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