Saturday, May 14, 2016

Prom Photos

Must be prom weekend.

I'm seeing a whole bunch of photos of young adults all dressed up to go out, and I know how old I'm getting because all I'm thinking is that I hope they're safe!

But after that initial thought I always consider the proms that I attended and how much of a big shot we all were.

I remember a bunch of things about the nights.

How the junior prom was messed up because we all were unsure about all the dating things and we ended the evening at one big party in town where we wound up just hanging out with the boys on one side of the room and the girls 'over there.'

By senior year we were all so serious!

Jeffy won prom king. We danced to Air Supply and I spent a lot of time with my brother John and his date.

Big shots!

Life seemed stressful then!

But life is never as bad as its gonna' get!

That is why when I look at those 'children' I can only hope that they're safe and that they have fun!

It's just a prom. They're just fancy clothes, and it's just a limo ride.

33 years down the line and life is about exchanging a 'Hello' on Facebook to that gal you couldn't fathom living without.

That's how life goes, but minimizing their night from an 'old dude' point-of-view isn't cool either.

I look back on prom nights and I smile inside.

Now I check how the kids of my friends look all dressed up.

One last thing on my prom.

I remember my senior prom photo.

I was unbelievably skinny (yep, graduated high school at 6' and about 130 pounds). I was pale. I wasn't smiling. I looked scared out of my mind!

My date looked good, but I ruined the photo.

I know that because I recall showing it to my Dad.

"You look like a cancer patient with a load of shit in your pants," he said.

All these years later I remember how hard we had laughed at that.

Thanks, Dad!

I think of it every single time 'prom' comes up!

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