Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Wire

We finally got access to the show The Wire.

I know.

We're about ten years late to the party, but I know what all the fuss was about.

It's a really good show.

For years and years we kinda' sat around thinking that television sucked because it wasn't anything more than game shows and reality shows...

...but one series after another is great.

The Wire takes a little time to develop the characters and that's where the investment of time becomes worthwhile.

Yet I wonder how much of the show is actually true to life.

I am pretty cognizant of the fact that there are drugs, gangs, murders and all kinds of other forms of torture on the streets.

And it saddens me when I think that there are thousands and thousands of kids on the street who don't see another way out.

The Wire is based in Baltimore, but I'm sure the scene plays out in almost every city in the country.

The sad part of the show is that we have been going around the house speaking in the slang of the drug streets.

Instead of 'all right,'

We now say:


I must've said that fifty times in the last week.

The other thing that seems funny about the show is that it took place in a time before everyone started using a cell phone.

The Wire is about tapping the lines.

The cops bungle...

The criminals are the masterminds.

Drugs everywhere.

A good show.


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