Friday, May 27, 2016

Hey, Hey, Hey! Guess Who's Going On Trial

Bill Cosby will have his day in court.

He doesn't want to go to court, mind you, but he will be prosecuted for a sexual assault that was said to have happened in 2004...when he was 67 years old.

Some 50 or 60 women later.

There are so many disturbing aspects of this story.

Let's recount:

1). Cosby was beloved.

I'm talking everyone! When he was Cliff Huxtable we all talked about his brilliance. He was one of the top grossing comics on tour. He worked clean! He lectured the black community. He implored the fathers to stand up and be men! Colleges stood in line to award him doctorates and the entire country grieved with him and his wife when they lost a son.

2). Everyone covered for him!

People were whispering about him, and in a day and age when some of the accusations could've been investigated and proven...he was allowed to skate!

He may have paid his way out.

Judges and prosecutors may have just let him slide cause he was famous.

It took a fellow comic, Hanibel, to actually stand up and vocalize that Cosby had indeed, allegedly raped women.

A lot of women.

3). His wife is still denying it!!

He is on record as having copped to sleeping with women outside of his marriage. In fact, the acts are actually out there for all to read.

Yet Camille is having no part of it!

She either believes that it's all a vast conspiracy, or she can't read, question or even think for herself.

Woman after woman after woman has told the same story:

He drugged them...they awoke to find him naked, or they were naked.

How, Camille, can it all be just a misunderstanding?

I'm fascinated by that aspect of the story. I'd even feel a little bad for her...if it weren't so freaking preposterous!

4). Sadly, he probably won't settle in behind bars.

He's 79 years old. The trial may kill him. He's not likely to lose either because 12 year old sexual assault cases aren't typically big winners for the prosecution.

He'll spend big money to impede the case.

The media will turn it into a reality show.

He'll claim that she took the drink and the pills of her own free will. The judge probably won't allow the other 50 women to tell their story.

So, it's all for naught.

Poor Fat Albert.

He crapped all over his own legacy...

...and he devastated a whole bunch of women.

What a mess.

A disaster of a life, actually.

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