Sunday, May 15, 2016

Three Free Punches

Stuck in the airport last week and was doing the walk through the terminal when the woman 2 feet in front of me did what people sometimes do while walking along.

She changed her mind about where she was going.

And turned around quickly and we smashed into one another.

"Oops, sorry," she said.

I returned to my seat and told my travel partner:

"We should all get 3 free punches every month."

"Like the purge," she said.

"I'm not talking murder," I said. "Just simple aggravated assault."

The guy seated beside me laughed.

"But they keep count somewhere," I said. "Which leads to a bit of rationing. You have to decide who is worthy of your punches and if you punch people on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of the month you have to wait 4 weeks before you get another pop."

"You'd probably get punched every day for the rest of your life," my friend said.


I hadn't thought of that angle, but she had a solid point.

I waited a long while there at the terminal trying to hone my idea and then I made another trip towards the rest room. About halfway there I noticed a bunch of Yankees gear in one of the little shops along the way.

I made a dead stop.

The guy behind me sighed heavily and walked around.

Good thing my rule had not yet been passed.

He was a big dude.

I would've missed my flight.

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