Tuesday, March 22, 2016

You Can't Change Anything!

Who would've ever thought that one of my favorite past times would be to sit back, wait for something wild to happen, and then go to the story with the sole intention of reading the comments sections.

This is particularly entertaining when you hit on a political story.

Trump running for president has taken the hate to a whole 'nother level...and don't think twice about it...the hate and name-calling is coming from both sides.

Here's an exchange between Alec and a whole bunch of people.

"I f*&#ing hate Donald Trump. I really can't believe that America is this stupid to elect such an arrogant trillionaire as a president. Obama will have been the last president. If Trump gets elected than it will be a dictatorship and World War III will happen quickly."

That guy was certainly trying to make a few points, but his use of 'trillionaire' may have cost him his argument.

Let's listen to the responses he gathered.


Some sound points there, right?

The use of all caps and the "libtard" slam brings it all home.

Alec had some problems.

One guy jumped on the trillionaire boast:

"Did you just call him a trillionaire? And you're calling his supporters stupid. Go sit in the corner, young man and think about what an idiot you are."

Alec wasn't having that.

"He accumulated over a trillion dollars in his lifetime. He lost a lot of it!"

The response he got was fitting:

"LOL, whatever, dude. Stay in the corner."

And folks, this is what we have as a debate for the leader of the country.

What is really interesting to me is how nasty everyone gets on these threads.

Nothing is off-limits.

"Trump does call 'em as he sees 'em. They're wet back mother-f%$^&rs that our coming to take our money! Trump is right to call 'em rapists and criminals. They are stealing all our money. Nothing is free. Just 'cause you got a participation trophy. Climb back in your hole you socialist bitch. Your what's wrong with MY country!"

That guy should actually run for office, huh?

And I laugh.

As you go along down the thread there is always a guy who tries to give a history lesson to clear everything up.

"We haven't had a decent president since Roosevelt. I've been alive for all of this mess. They are all criminals. I'm voting for Trump because maybe he won't worry about money changing hands because he has enough already."

And then the guy who was fighting with Alec came back:

"Yeah, Trump is a trillionaire!"

So, I tell you...

...read along.

What I gather from all of the debate?

We're in trouble.

We have people who hate other people for fun.

We have a country filled with people who can't write a complete sentence.

We are racist to a huge fault.

And now we don't care.

Everything is out the window.

And finally, you know what I gathered after reading the 146 comments following Alec's bold statement?

None of the debating matters.

No one on that post changed anyone else's mind.

But Good Lord, don't stop posting your thoughts!

They're entertaining as hell.

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