Monday, March 7, 2016

A-Rod Hit A Homer

On his first swing of the spring A-Rod hit a home run.

No big deal in early March, of course, but what was cool about it?

I received a notification on my phone.

And I knew that it was on!

Baseball season is just a matter of a few weeks away.

A couple of nights ago Sam sat at the kitchen table and I thought I'd play a little quiz game with him.

I asked him to name the top 5 NCAA Tournament teams as we head towards March Madness.

He rattled off the top 5 so I asked him to go six through ten.

He got them.

We all laughed.

"Eleven?" I asked.

He went eleven through twenty, only holding on to think for about six seconds.

We laughed some more.

"Can you do twenty through twenty-five?"

He got 'em.

Sam is ready to fill out his brackets!

Baseball offers me a stress release on a nightly basis.

Knowing that it will soon be back will allow me some order in what has been a very busy start to the year.

"Who's pitching tonight?"

But's Sam's time.

"I'm off school on the 18th," he reminded me.

"Teacher's conference?" I asked.

"Day two of the tourney!"

And while I'm not sure that will be allowed...

...he may have a dentist appointment for about 12:05.

The excitement of spring comes around just once a year...

...and A-Rod already got that first dinger out of the way.

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