Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Real Problem With Terror

No matter where the terror strike hits...

...the fear and panic rush in.

Along with the sadness and the pain.

Instantly we are bombarded with the images of the devastation.

The other day we woke to the horrific news in Brussels.

"F&*$ ISIS!" Someone texted me early, early, early in the morning before I had even seen what had happened.

I wondered where...and then I read the horrible news.

It doesn't truly make a difference where it plays out though because what you feel, automatically, is the fear.

And that's how terror works.

People are terrified...

...all over the place.

And what can you do with the anger?

ISIS is a sort of faceless group, aren't they?

Most people think that every single person who is of the Muslim faith is a member of the ISIS team.

That, in and of itself, is a problem.

That's akin to saying that every white male between 18 and 50 is liable to mass shoot here in America.

But back to the anger.

If we can't really figure out who is exactly an ISIS member, who should we blame for this?

How about the president?

Or the president before him?

Or the one before him?

They all take some of that anger.

There are knee-jerk reactions to be sure.

"We need to make that part of the world a parking lot!!!" Is screamed a whole lot the day after a terror attack.

Rage takes place an ocean away from where the terror hits.

Because we all know that we are sitting ducks in the deep, petrified areas of our minds.

"Throw everyone out!"

We have all been in airport waiting rooms.

Most of us have ridden the train or the subway...and wondered...what might happen...or what could happen.

And we become terrified.

That's how terror works.

What can be done?

Not a damn thing by me.

Just try and not be terrified as I go about my day.

Thoughts and prayers?

Sadly, that's about it from this vantage point.

I won't let the rage or the fear get the best of me.

Otherwise I'm a partial victim.

Sadly, we all are.

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