Tuesday, March 29, 2016

2016 Baseball Preview

Baseball season starts this weekend.

Thank God!

I am predicting that baseball will soon be the number one sport in the land again when the concussion battle takes out the greedy NFL.

So, let's get started.

The stupid National League.

The Mets have great pitching, but I think that there are too many people anointing them as the NL East Champs. I say the call goes to the Washington Nationals. They had more talent last year. They get it done this year. But the Mets will grab a wild card.

In the NL Central everyone always wonders how the St. Louis Cardinals get to near 100 wins every year. They just play great fundamental baseball. Then they flame out The Cubs and Pirates are both great teams. I say the Cubs win it and the Pirates grab the second wild card. The Cardinals flame out.

And finally, the NL West - it seems that the Giants win the World Series on even years. They re-stocked everything and might make a run, but I think Kershaw is the difference and the Dodgers take the crown.

So the playoffs look like this:

Mets over Pirates in Wild Card Game

Nationals over Dodgers in Division Series.

Cubs over Mets in Division Series.

Cubs over Nationals in NLCS.

Now the good league:

AL West:

This will be a close division with the exception of the A's - who will really suck. I think it will be the Texas Rangers over the Seattle Mariners, who will just miss out on the wild card.

The Kansas City Royals lost the World Series by a single run and then won the World Series in impressive fashion. They are really good. And they won't win the division this year. I have the Detroit Tigers taking the division and the Kansas City Royals as wild card.

And last but not least:

The AL East:

The top three teams got better. The Baltimorons are going to have a long year with that staff and Tampa won't hit enough. So that leaves Toronto, New York and Boston fighting it out.

We all know that I'm picking the New York Yankees to win the division.

Boston gets the Wild Card.

Toronto loses out by a couple of games.

Kansas City over Boston in the Wild Card Game

New York over Texas in Division Series.

Kansas City over Detroit in Division Series.

New York over Kansas City in the ALCS.

Setting up an epic World Series of Yankees versus Cubs.

The greatest franchise ever against the team who wants to win for the first time since 1908!

Yankees Win!

Theeeeeee Yankees win!!!


Eat it haters!

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