Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Swearing in Public

We were watching the O.J. Simpson mini-series and Marcia Clark said the F-word!

Awwwwwww.....I'm telling!

It made me think of being young and hearing one of my siblings say it.

"She can't say that on regular t.v.," my beautiful wife commented.

The curse hadn't even registered with me.

I work in an industry where the F-word is the favored word.

It is spoken more so than any other word.

You sneak up on a conversation and every single guy is saying it and every single other guy is answering that way.

I'm the only safety speaker who says it a lot, but I am often times tasked to bring such humor to the proceedings, and I try my best to judge the crowd. I will often mention that I will try not to curse but that something might 'slip the F&*k out.'

The people who hire me know that I rarely work clean.

No one ever complains about my use of the word as I present my material.

In fact, it brings great humor to most of the proceedings.

"You can do it clean and still be really funny," one of the other speakers said to me in Vegas.

"What's the f&*%ing difference?" I asked.

And here's the thing:

I don't ever curse at home in front of the kids.

It isn't a part of my every day conversation at my house and I stop the kids from getting a little too salty in their discussions.

Langauge is a tool. Bad language is still a tool.

But the outrage over words is lost on me unless it's a blatant display in front of a bunch of women or children.

And there are certainly words that should never be brought out of the tool bag.

What kills me are the shows where they try and play it clean.

One character is livid at the other:

"Forget you!"

Did you ever hear someone say 'Forget You' in every day speech?

I write in the way that people speak as well.

It is ridiculous to think that two bad guys would be trying to temper their language when the bullets are flying.

But there certainly is a time and place for such things.

A man swearing non-stop on a public bus?

The overuse of certain words in rap songs?

There is a time and a place to be sure.

Marcia Clark would have certainly called Orenthal a F&*^lng piece of s&*t.

Will the FCC ever just let it go on regular broadcast television?

Or do they believe that no one is seeing it in every other form of social media?

It's a weird thing.

Language police.

They're still out there.

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