Saturday, March 26, 2016

Sleeping Brain

What a bummer!

Garry Shandling died!

He was only 66...

...that's not enough time.

And make no mistake, he was a comic genius.

Shandling was well known from The Larry Sanders Show, which was great, but I loved The Garry Shandling Show even more.

One of my favorite all-time half hours on television ever was the episode when he failed the written portion of his drivers test.

"I'm so stupid!" He wails.

He decides to summon his brain and the camera cuts to an overweight man, in pajamas, resting in a hammock.

"Get up!!" He yells. "It's 3 in the afternoon!"

His brain explains that there's no reason to get up.

"You only have three thoughts!

I'm tired.

I'm hungry.

I gotta' poop."

That little piece of comedy genius really got a lot of play in my life.

My brother Jeff and I would say it to one another on a weekly basis.

I think that we watched that episode at least 10 times.

I used the brain joke on my friends, my beautiful wife and everywhere else.

Shandling was awesome on every show... always.

I have used his fortune cookie line almost every time I've opened one.

"I pissed in the rice."

He looked directly in the camera and scrunched his face.

"It's hand-written," he cried.

I laughed every time I looked at Shandling.

RIP, funny dude!

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