Saturday, March 19, 2016

At Least You Have Your Health

A friend of mine has a wife who's battling some serious health problems. They're actually the same age as me so I was shocked to learn of her troubles.

A lot of folks our age are on meds for heart questions, blood pressure or high cholesterol.

As House famously reminded me:

"It won't end easy."

But overall, despite bad legs, I'm healthy.

Except since Wednesday.

Everyone in the house was suffering.

While I sympathized, I wasn't overly concerned.

I don't normally get colds or the flu.

I freaking got it this time!

I missed a day of work!!

As I suffered I thought of people toasting people's health at every turn.

We pray for each other.

"Stay Healthy!!" is a rallying cry.

Now, despite my awesome ability to whine when I'm not feeling well, I am fairly confident that I'll be back on my feet fairly quickly.

But I thought more about the people who eventually get sick enough to never get better.

I had even asked a nun about it back a whole bunch of years ago:

"Why do we get sick?"

"So we appreciate how good we feel when we're better," she said.

Wise nun.

She probably paddled me with a ruler shortly after that moment.


... that's today's lesson.

If you feel well today, appreciate it.

Even for a quick minute.

It could be a lot worse.

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