Monday, March 28, 2016

So Excited!

Sam was absolutely bursting on the inside.

Kansas had gone on a run to take a 45-40 lead over beloved Villanova.

My boy escaped to the other room where he screamed a little, away from mine and Jake's gaze.

But then a 3-pointer.

And another one.

A lay-up and a jumper.

Suddenly 'Nova was back in front 50-45.

"There we go!" He was screaming.

Now I've watched a lot of sports with the boys.

Mostly I make fun of their favorite teams because I like to get under people's skin when they're most passionate about something silly.

(In all fairness, they do it to me with the 27-Time World Champion Greatest Franchise in the History of Organized American Sports - so it's all good).

But as the game clock wore down I started to feel nervous for Sam.

He loves Villanova.

He has since he was about five years old...who knows why.

Every game was on our television this year.

We worked our schedule around their games.

I was nervous for him!

What is really funny about it is that we have a large television. When 'Nova is playing Sam stands off to the side of it...about two feet away...watching...yelling...cheering.

I didn't want to see him sad if they lost.

I imagined him going into his room, alone, for an hour or so...

...and then coming out wearing a brave face.

They didn't lose.

They're off to the Final 4.

We will have a couple of days of quiet before he starts talking about how they can beat Oklahoma.

I've watched the Yankees win titles.

I know how happy that makes a guy.

This one might make me even happier...

...'cause Sam wants it so badly.

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