Friday, March 18, 2016

Take Your Kid to Work Day

Adam LaRoche is a first-baseman with the Chicago White Sox. He used to hit a lot of homeruns but last year he was on my fantasy team so he hit only 12 and stunk up the joint.

I was a little aggravated with him.

He recently floated the idea of retiring even though he's only 36 years old and he has a contract that pays him 13 million a year.

The reason why he's quitting?

The Sox management told him that he was going to have to leave his 14-year old son, Drake, home some days.

Seems that Drake traveled with the team, had his own locker, and even took batting practice. The kid went to school while pretending to be an actual pro baseball player.

Now to be fair, it seems that his teammates didn't have a problem with Drake being the 26th man, but maybe they just didn't want to bitch.

First off, it's a little weird, isn't it?

Adam LaRoche is being paid an absurd amount of money to do a job.

His employer asked him to dial it back.

So... he's gonna' quit??

There are people who are backing LaRoche, saying that he's sounding an alarm about being a being a good Dad.

Despite the fact that he ruined my fantasy team last year I'm trying to be fair.

His request is absurd.

I love my boys... but expecting that my employer to allow them to accompany me every day... is not actually feasible.

What if every player wanted to do the same thing?

What if one player wanted to bring his dog, or his wife, or his girlfriend?

The team has the right to set the rules.

Perhaps Drake can run the bases on father-son day like every other kid.

Maybe they can sign a ball for the kid and let him take it to school for show and tell.

Letting the kid have a locker?

Jamming him into the batting practice lineup?

Taking him on road trips?

The team has the right to tell Adam to leave Drake home.

Adam also has the right to quit.

Take your bat and go home... fantasy team won't miss you.

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