Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy Birthday to My Beautiful Wife!

Yesterday Sam made Kathy cry.

Our boy wrote a long, heartfelt letter explaining how much he appreciates all that she does for him...

...and for us.

Now Sam was feeling a little guilty because he knows that basketball is going to rule the day today as the NCAA Tournament starts. Hoops will be on the big television from noon until about midnight tomorrow.

Three boys and a couple of their friends...

...and Kathy's loving husband will have all eyes on all the games.

Which makes for a lonely birthday, right?

Well, suffice it to say that Sam spoke for all of us when he penned his words of appreciation.

We all love my beautiful wife!

Every day and not just on her birthday!

Let's think of why:

1). All of us are mechanically-challenged.

Severely mechanically-challenged.

There is at least one of us who struggles to turn on the television when the person before leaves it on Netflix. Yet the challenges don't end there. She has to change the light bulbs, fix the electronics and the house appliances.



Or what I have learned to yell instead:


2). She works hard.

The shift runs from 5 a.m. until 3 p.m.

An absurd shift when you consider that Kathy doesn't like to go to sleep early.

And then (see note above) the maintenance shift starts as soon as she walks through the door.

3). She's severely outnumbered.

We talk a lot of sports around the dinner table. The other night I was quizzing the boys about who leads the league in scoring. Everyone was taking a stab at it...except Kathy. Finally she chimed in:

"Wayne Gretzky."

A grand guess...and she's well aware that he retired about 15 years ago.

The other problem that she has when it comes to being outnumbered is that she is constantly exposed to being picked on.

Especially if she wants to share a work story.

Sam is the one who will allow it to happen.

"Did you save any lives today?" He'll ask.

And what's neat about it?

Sometimes she actually does save some people!

We just don't know who they are!

4). Her mood is usually good.

Tired. Aggravated. Pissed off.

We don't really get to see any of it.

Which speaks to how much she is appreciated and loved.

The even keel.

The loving Mom.

The beautiful wife.

My wife is the whole package!

Happy Birthday!!

We love you...even Melky told me that she loves you.

( work stories today...the games are on!).

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