Wednesday, March 2, 2016

People Are the Same

Hanging around the airport affords you with a lot of time to observe.

Observing people is a very comfortable task for me.

Of course, in this day and age I am graced with the very top of everyone's heads as they bow to read their phones, and we are living in an amazing age that allows us to watch a movie, whenever and wherever we want.

The guy beside me on the plane watched Ted 2. I have seen the movie so my eyes were drawn to it despite the fact that I was holding a paperback.

Which reminds me...I only saw about six others reading from an actual book.

Yet despite all the devices and the screens everywhere...I did hear snippets of actual conversations.

It is absolutely impossible to get away from the presidential election so we all have something in common there and the same words being spoken in New York are being spoken in Iowa and Missouri.

"Trump will make us win," a lady behind me said to her travel mate.

"He's an idiot," the guy said.

That conversation began as we all looked up at the orange guy ranting on the television above us.

The two strangers began arguing about the nonsense.

I decided to listen in on the people across the way.

They were discussing the weather. One loved the cold; the other hated it.

Two guys in the restaurant were talking NBA. One loved Curry; the other loved LeBron.

We all have defined arguments at the ready...

...on every subject!!!

That's what I'm learning.

We aren't discussing anything anymore...

....we all know better than the guy next to us.

And it's the same everywhere!

There is too much information around. Talking heads telling us what to think. Opinions formed and etched in stone.

The hell with everything else!!

It appears to me that everyone thinks they're thinking but they really aren't.

They're parroting... misinformation in a lot of instances.

Put out a meme with a photo of Obama and write whatever you want!

Someone, somewhere will accept it as truth, put it on their timeline and then spout it as truth.

I sat in a huge room, just looking around at all the heads bowed to their screens.

People are doing the same thing everywhere.

We might be in serious trouble.

Ideas and real critical thinking are dead.

But everyone feels smarter and more informed.

I went back to the book I was reading.

As usual, I felt more comfortable with a book or pen in my hand.

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John said...

We ARE smarter than ever before, but way less wise!

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