Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Case for Donald

I was having a conversation the other night with a good friend.

We were wondering what we were missing when it comes to those who are really, really passionate about getting Donald Trump elected.

I decided to see if I could figure out a way where it might actually work for me.

Point One - The Wall

Remember how the world rejoiced when the Wall came tumbling down in Germany?

Do you recall how everyone world-wide breathed a sigh of relief because it showed that we, as a species, were making progress.

A Wall, to me, appears to be extreme overkill.

We all got here somehow.

I loved the stories my grandfather told me about the family arriving here and how the work made us Americans. The great thing about America is that we are a melting pot of cultures.


They are coming over as rapists and drug-dealers and they are taking our jobs, our medical care and going to college on our dime! We care more for illegal immigrants than we do the veterans!!

Yeah...aggravating when put into those terms.

The Wall is the only way to stop them!!

The Verdict:

The wall is not really practical. Mexico will not pay for it. I'm not sure we really, really want it. Immigration needs to be handled properly. We have a program. It must be enforced. Enforcing it may be less expensive than building a wall that high and that wide. Might make us look better as well. I'm not for the Wall!

Point Two - The Chinese Are Killing Us!

We need to make good trades. We're bad at trades. We'll make such good trades as it goes along that we'll be sick of rolling around in all the money we have. We'll be picking the best jobs. We'll all be rich.

Well, there certainly has been a mass exodus and while the United States isn't quite in last place in regard to exports, and while the Chinese economy is struggling...

...The Donald is talking making great deals here.

He made great deals when he hired the cheapest labor he could find for every single project...great deals for him.

I would love to hear how these great deals are made because while there certainly are successes in his resume...there are also a whole bunch of bad deals too.


Not Enough Information Available.

Point 3 - Upsetting the Apple Cart

You know what my favorite thing about the Trump campaign has been?

He has turned the political world on its head.

The pat answers that were filled with absolute lies and empty promises are no longer good enough. Trump has made candidates be accountable for some of the things they have said. (It's too bad that it hasn't applied to his words, but hey, it's a start).

Trump reduced Jeb to a low-energy nub.

He attacked Rubio and Cruz and Christie and he's working on Bernie and Hillary.

He's talking like a regular Joe although he knows a whole lot of 'good' words.

Has he changed the political landscape forever?


He has.

There's little debate.

Will it be good for anyone?

I don't know.

Point 4 - The Media Sucks, protesters suck, women are pigs and dog-faces, and there are simply no apologies!

"He tells it like it is!" Is the one thing that I've heard time and time again by people who are casting their votes for the Donald.

Except when he is cornered.

Then he lies better than anyone.

You know why not a single thing has stuck?

Because he lied to weasel out of it.

And my least favorite thing about it is that not a single thing is off the table.

He wants people punched.

He speaks of groups of people in wide-sweeping racist tones.

His record with women is abysmal (although he recently said that women will vote for him in droves).

Verdict: The pettiness of Trump is vomit-inducing.

He takes to social media and fights everyone from Rosie to the Pope. He posts things and then when confronted with it...decides that he didn't mean exactly what it said.

It's the sole reason why there is not a chance in hell I can vote for him.

Point 5 - Gay Marriage, Abortion, Christian Values.

'We're Gonna' make American Great Again' is a stroke of genius as a rallying cry because it can't be quantified.

'We're going to take Our Country Back!' is also a wonderful talking point.

From whom are we taking our country back?

We're taking it back from those who want your guns, those who won't say 'Merry Christmas', those who want to ruin marriage with their strange unions, those who are pro-choice.


This is also dangerous as it has turned the whole thing into Us versus Them.

There has been a true problem in real discourse between the Libtards and the Gun-Toting Jesus Nuts...for a long time now.

It will get worse.

A lot worse.

"If he's elected there will be a civil war," one of the guys on the job said today.

I think that is an extremely accurate assessment.

I don't want one.

Some people do.

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