Sunday, March 6, 2016

What A Strange Week

Saw Erin Andrews crying on the stand as she sues the hotel for $75 million for allowing a guest to alter the peephole and take photos of her naked. He then sold the photos and made them readily available to anyone who wanted to look at them.

And millions of people did!

Listened to the story about the knife found in OJ's yard and thought about Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman and how they were just fodder for the story.

Watched the political battle rage on.

And in the middle of it all, talked to my Mom about it.

"What is going to happen to this world?" she asked. "Presidential candidates talking about their...their...their...peckers?"

I laughed.

"I think about Kennedy and how we looked up to him as a leader. Hell, they've all been at least a little presidential."


When you think about the new normal, I guess.

And to hear people speak now about Kennedy, or Clinton, or any of them, really...there were things hiding in the closet...

...but those things stayed in the closet, right?

For the most part?

They weren't front and center.

And that's what we have now.

Front and center...bitterness and hatred going back and forth...anger and rage...everyone is mad.

Strange week.

Yet, when I watched Erin Andrews cry on the stand as she detailed what that pervert did to her life I was struck by the idea that there are true feelings behind the nasty words and the horrific actions.

People suffer when selfish things are done.

It hurts them.

Andrews was made fun of in some of the social media circles.

There was actually an argument about whether or not her career gained momentum because her naked body was shared, saved, downloaded and shared some more.

There are people out there who suffer when a man running for president mocks a disabled man.

The family of Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brown suffers every single time O.J. is on television or in the news.

What is going to happen to this world?

Probably nothing, I imagine.

We'll adjust on the fly.

Things may even swing a little ways back to compassion and understanding...

...but it will be a long walk home... what we once knew as honorable.

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