Sunday, March 13, 2016

A Culture of Violence

Read a whole lot on Saturday about the culture of violence being cultivated in our great nation.

Did you even notice the mass shooting in Pennsylvania this week?

Probably not... the story passed through the news cycle quickly.

Who knows how many were murdered in your city on Friday night.

We can't fix it, why give it too much of our time?

The violence at the political rally seemed worse to me somehow.

Its sad.

We are all Americans.

The liberals and the conservatives have that in common.

Hard to believe, right?

Despite the differences in thought, up until Friday night... there was just putrid, ugly discourse.

When those punches were thrown something slipped and it got a lot worse.

Now, I hope I'm wrong but it doesn't feel that way.

We may have tipped the balance.

Here's why I think that...

...the violence was not really denounced. The mouthpieces for both sides dug in.

The protesters got what they deserved as did the security.

All involved were proud of their violent stance.

Both sides lost.

The candidate is allowed to rally.

Protesters are allowed to attend.

Neither side should be allowed to throw a punch.

But therein lies the problem.

There's a movement afoot that explains that we need to be barbaric again.

We are too politically correct!

We need to tell it like it is!!

We need to punch people out if we feel like it!!!

Your human rights???

We may soon decide if they still apply.


We need it.

No matter where we stand on the political landscape.

"Violence never solved anything." My mother told me back about 48 years ago.

I always believed that to be true.

But Friday night may have been the night when such a stance placed me squarely in the "You're a pussy" camp.

Because those lines may eventually be drawn... if they aren't already...

...and that's really, really sad.

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