Thursday, March 3, 2016

Jethro's BBQ and Pork Chop Grill

I had wanted to try Jethro's BBQ and Porck Chop Grill on my last trip to Iowa.

I made it happen this time.

Check that menu.

I was staring in wild wonder and my waitress, Sara, asked me why I was grinning like an idiot. I told her all about my Uncle Jim who was a true pork chop king.

I explained that we had banter about pork chops that went round and round.

She laughed.

I ordered the double cut stuffed chop and the gravy that it was served with made me was way too good.

Sara stopped by the table to see how I was doing.

I was nearly done with the chop.

I explained how wonderful it was and we started discussing the fact that I was there in honor of Uncle Jim and perhaps I should have another... know... for him and one for me.

"Do it!" I said.

Sara was back a little while later.

I finished both chops.

Make the trip!

Ankeny, Iowa!

Jethro's Rules!

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