Sunday, March 26, 2017

Tired of Winning?

Twelve rounds of golf into Agent Orange's presidency and this is where we are at:

1). Two Muslim bans shut down by the courts.

A big lesson here. There are 3 branches of government. It doesn't become law by decree. It actually has to make sense and it takes more into consideration than the fact that brown people bad and white people good.

2). The mentally ill get to keep their gun rights.

See. Things did get done.

The fact that every time there is a mass shooting we hear about how we need to fix the mental health problem. We did! We armed them!!

3). Repeal & Replace on Day 1!!!


I honestly thought, after hearing about the disaster of Obamacare that the great, wonderful plan would  be a piece of cake.

They gave it a great try. 17 days. Couldn't even get enough votes in the house. Ah well, who wants to go golfing???

4). Flynn, Sessions, Manafort and Russians dropping like flies.

As if all the excitement of failing legislation isn't enough...there's the whole treason talk.

I actually was chilled by the headline regarding the FBI investigations regarding potential collusion with a foreign government.

This is stuff of a Homeland plot...

...without the stunning Claire Danes being involved.

Here's the thing, gang:

It will be found out!

Sooner or later someone will talk to save their own bacon. If it happened saying:

"It's fake news! I have nothing to do with Russia!"

Won't cut it.

Especially when there is footage of you saying:

"I make a lot of money in Russia."

I must admit though:

It's been wildly entertaining.

SNL is great.

The Saturday morning unhinged tweets are exciting.

Melania appearing on camera as if she's being held hostage!

And plenty of golf!!!

We only have 3 years and 10 months left...


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