Tuesday, March 28, 2017


So, United was in hot water over the weekend because a couple of kids were restricted from flying because they were not dressed appropriately for free travel as per their travel companion program.

Kind of amazing to me, actually.

I've done a lot of plane traveling over the last few years.

I've seen things, man.

Bad things.

There are people wearing leggings who shouldn't be wearing them. Of course, when worn properly, I don't care.

It seems to me that most people travel as comfortably dressed as they can. I'm always in sweatpants, and a tee-shirt with the laces on my shoes loose.


And yeah, I've seen some people traveling dressed as minimally as they can. To be called out for it, they must have been scantily dressed.

Who knows?

There is outrage though.

"Discrimination against women!!!"

"If men can't look at women without going crazy it's the man's fault!!!"

I'm sure United will run damage control and it'll go away somehow.

But, again, some person responsibility is required.

They start banning mustard-stained, loose fitting clothes with untied shoes...

...then we're gonna' have a real problem.

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