Monday, March 20, 2017

Some Rules

Trying to fathom how Meals on Wheels is a bad thing.

Sometimes there are breaches of etiquette that are so appalling to me, and I think of it in the context of the nuns, who beat the loyalties into me

Isn't your word what matters?

You lie blatantly, or go back on your personal vows because it's too tough, or not convenient for your own selfish agenda?

Can't fathom that.

A few hard and fast rules I try and live by

 (Because of those nuns!)

1). Be nice.

To as many people as you can. This one isn't always easy, but try and be as cordial as you can to as many people as possible.

Even when they're blatant idiots.

2). Put yourself last sometimes.

This is easier than you might think as a decent human, but harder than you think as a selfish human, and we all have the capabilities to be equal parts each. As a Dad, I come in last a lot around here. I am more than willing to do that.

When others see you doing that for them they sometimes let you be first.

The key is to see it from someone else's eyes a lot of the time.

3). Grace

As children we are blessed to be born with an unending supply of grace. We lose it along the way. Life beats it out of you, but you still catch glimpses... the eyes of your children... the heart of your spouse... the cherished memories of youth.

Grab it.

Hold onto as much grace as you can.

4). Say it.

If you want to say something to someone, say it!

Whether it's standing up for yourself, or telling someone how much you care.

Tell them!

Regret comes in a lot of forms. I lost people to death. I could honestly stand before them, knowing that they knew how much I loved them.

Holding onto something that needs to be said will eat a hole in your heart.

5). It's Okay to Be Wrong.

I laugh at myself a lot.

I can be an idiot.

I often say something that is later proven to be complete garbage.

I own it.

There has to be accountability. No one is perfect. If you screw up, stand up.

"I blew it," goes a long way.


There you go.

Just getting a few things off my chest.

We're all just striving to do the right things (I hope)

Some rules for some of it.

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