Thursday, March 16, 2017


Been thinking about it awhile...

...Denzel Washington is the best actor going.

How did he not win the best actor award for his work in Fences?

They must've read the wrong envelope for that one too. I watched the Casey Affleck one too, and it just isn't close.

When we watched Fences I told my beautiful wife that I had no idea how he even memorized all of it...

...and Viola Davis was great too.

Terrific movie from word one to the end.

"He's never in a bad movie," Kathy also mentioned.

Which is certainly true.

But how the hell did he not win???

Every once in awhile we'll catch a movie and when the credits roll I'll think, "How the hell did that movie get made?"

Fences was a perfect movie...

...great characters.

Terrific acting.

A smart story about life, love, regret, commitment and strength.

If you haven't seen it...

...see it.

You can thank me later.

Denzel should've won.

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