Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Carrie! Carrie!! Carrie!!!

Today is Carrie's birthday.

We don't see each other every day like we did as kids, but we do have a lot of fun when we're all together. 

Easy fun.

Carrie's children are great...funny, happy, smart, respectful, beautiful kids... Carrie was as a child.

It's funny, but I see a lot of similarities between Carrie as a kid and Sam as a kid.

The youngest always takes a beating!

As we grew Carrie was everyone's maid. She did the dishes. She ran from room-to-room gathering whatever was needed.


We all needed Carrie to get something for us.

She never bitched about it.

We have the same thing going on at my house now.


It takes a special person to be able to deal with it, and Sam is a lot like his aunt.

He runs all around the house keeping us in water, lemonade and phone chargers.

The other:

"Carrie! Carrie!! Carrie!!!" ...

...chant happened when the poor girl was less than 10-years old.

The entire family would chant her name at the kitchen table...

...until she'd cry.

(Yeah, we were assholes!).

But we all love our little sis!

Happy Birthday, Carrie!

You were a wonderful child...and you're a wonderful mother!

Carrie! Carrie!! Carrie!!!

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