Friday, March 10, 2017


It's this weeks hot topic.

And it's mind-boggling.

The movement afoot is to repeal and replace Obamacare.

That's what everyone and their brother mentioned in their stump speeches.

"It's a disaster!"

"Day one it will be repealed!!"

Except...doing so would strip 20 million of their insurance....

...many of which...

...voted for Agent Orange.

Big problem!!

So, you can't just rob people of their healthcare!!

Here's what bothers me...

...should bother everyone, actually.

Why does the new plan have a provision that allows insurance CEO's a tax break?

Some of them are making about $17 million a year.

You're going to kick millions of people out of the program at the same time the rich dogs get a break???


Yet, that's not the worst part to my mind.

Every single time there is a mass shooting I am told that it's not a gun problem, but rather, a mental health problem.

You know what's not covered under the Trumpdontcareplan?

Yeah, mental health!!!

You know where mental health WAS discussed?

In the gun discussion!!!

The mentally disturbed's gun rights were upheld... the mentally ill can buy guns, but they aren't covered by the healthcare plan that might stop them from exercising those gun rights?

I must be missing something here.

Can someone explain some of this to me???

I try and read both sides.

Oh, one final disturbing thing.

Medicaid and good healthcare will be more costly and harder to obtain for people falling between the ages of 50-64.

I'm in that group for a little while yet. A couple of reports stated that a 64-year old might be on the hook for care that might cost him about 70% of his income.


That's the eating dog food neighborhood!

I understand that there were issues with the Affordable Care Act. Changes were required. Couldn't they just take Obama's name off it (that's all they really wanted anyway) and simply left the people who were finally getting healthcare alone??

The lesson it's taking me a long time to learn:

If the argument boils down to morality versus profit...

...profit always wins.


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