Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Hair Cut

Clint Frazier is a Yankees prospect.

In fact, many people believe that he will be a big star in the Bronx someday.

He came to the team sporting a different look...

...red, curly hair.

Long! Red, curly hair.

It became a story.

Will the Yankees make him cut his hair?

When George was running the team he installed a policy. Short hair and no facial hair.

Didn't matter who it was either...

...Mattingly had to get a hair cut!!!

So did Clint Frazier.

He sat in the barber chair last week and the media covered it.

The kid said all the right things...

...he's all about the team.

I actually like the fact that they look presentable. Years ago when they battled the Sux those guys looked horrible with their long hair and huge beards and filthy helmets.

Perhaps the Yankees should relax their rules...

...but they haven't yet.

Frazier looks better now.

Hope he hits 40!

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