Sunday, March 19, 2017

NCAA First Weekend

The boys went to the games in Buffalo on Thursday, and after a sweaty first half for 'Nova (Sam's favorite team), a great time was had by all.

We got our brackets in too, and that was a little rough on me because some of the people who entered their brackets decided that I would cover their entrance fee.

(Sam, Jake, Quinn, Johnny and Kathy felt that I would like to assist them with their entries).


I didn't get to see a lot of the Thursday games, but there was a buzz around our home:

Jake had 16 picks correct...

...out of 16.

"I did an answer key for the rest of you idiots," he texted me.

Yet, I know my son.

"You do realize that you will miss a couple tomorrow," I said.

"Why do I have to?" He asked.

Because it's March Madness!!

The end came in late afternoon on Friday.

Michigan won a thriller of a game 92-91 to end Jake's dream of perfection.

(He finished 28-4 in the first round).

And through it all, on Friday night, Sam controlled the remote so that we didn't see any commercials or miss a single dribble).

"The first day is better than Christmas," Sam said.

And it is approaching that level for me...

...because it's almost as expensive!

I was just a few points off the lead in the bracket pool.

If there's a god of college hoops...

...I'll get my entry fees back.

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