Thursday, March 23, 2017

Dine & Dash

There's a guy out there working a scam on women.

This is how it works:

He goes on a dating site and charms a woman. He asks her out on a date, and meets her at a fancy place.

He tells her to order whatever she wants, and he proceeds to go off the top of the menu.

They eat and converse.

When he's just about done, he grabs his cell phone and mentions that it's a call he has to take. He excuses himself from the table, and flat-out takes off.

Leaving his date with the check.


Why didn't I think of that?

He has pulled it off so far, getting away with it at least three times!

And here's the worst part:

It's not really a crime!

He didn't enter into a contract to buy the meal.

The woman, the only one left at the table, has to cover it.


The latest woman to get scammed in this manner said that he ordered a bottle of wine, had a Caesar salad and a jumbo shrimp cocktail, a bowl of soup, and a steak and baked potato.

They were having a nice chat.

He got the call with just a half of the potato left on his plate.

15 minutes later the waiter came to the table and asked if she would like the check.

"I'm waiting on my date," she said. "He went to make a call."

"That guy left," the waiter said.

She texted him, of course, asking if he was all right.

He didn't answer.

Whoa Again!

What a dopey bastard.

But it is kinda' funny.

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