Thursday, March 23, 2017

Past Lives

Was listening to Jenny McCarthy on Tuesday and she had a bit of an off-beat guest on.

First off, I like listening to Jenny, but it's a little shocking, at times, because she has all women co-hosts, and it's crazy to listen to women talk about sex in such an open forum.

And they call men pigs.


Jenny's guest was talking about...

...get this...

how she became convinced that her son was Lou Gehrig in his past life.

Color me skeptical!

The mother (and I didn't catch her name) said that she figured it all out when she took her son to a Yankees-Red Sux game and he was telling her about remembering what life was like when he was big like Dad and playing ball all time time.

He distinctly remembered riding on elevators, and trains, and was put-off by a photo of Babe Ruth...

...who, the kid said, treated him poorly.

Come on, now!

But the woman wasn't just messing around.

She believes that her son - who was three years old when he figured it all out - is Lou Freaking Gehrig!

What if the kid had told her that he remembers being Mr. Ed in his past life?

He was three years old!

You give what they say, at three, validation?

At three, Jake and Sam both believed that they were going to play in the NBA.

(Sam might not yet be totally convinced that he won't).

But what if I had taken them serious at that age and started contacting the Celtics and the Lakers?

What strikes me about it is that I really feel for that kid now.

His mother is going around the country telling people that he lived a past life and was one of the greatest hitters of all-time.

And how about the poor kid's father?

Can you imagine listening to that bull crap every day?

Once her son mentioned that he didn't care for Babe Ruth she started researching everything and she eventually went to some guy who validated all of it for her.

Now she's pedaling a book and a movie about it.

Lou Gehrig?

What are the chances that the kid remembers that he was reincarnated, and lo and behold, was a famous person?

What if he had told her that he remembered he was Antwain the school janitor from the 1920's?

Jenny was listening to her...

...explaining that it was absolutely amazing!

Good thing I wasn't the host.

I would've been calling the authorities to take the lady away.

That poor kid.

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