Monday, March 6, 2017


What a disgusting group they are, right?

There have been a whole bunch of scandals lately, and there have been a number of hastily caused press conferences that are meant to get out ahead of the trouble.

I find it fascinating.

There are so many lies, and the arguments that they make to slime their way out of trouble (or try to) are flimsy, at best.

In fact, some may call them lies...

...or alternative facts.

And talk about bad memories.

Most can't recall things that happened just a few months back.

Politician: "I didn't meet with Russians."

Reporter: "We have proof."

Politician: "Oh. That's right. It was a casual meeting."

Reporter: "We heard there were two meetings. What were you discussing with a Russian spy?"

Politician: "Oh, nothing much. We both like to do the Word Search in the paper. We must've talked about that."

Reporter: "Did you mention collusion, or the election or the Ukraine?"

Politician: "The Ukraine! That sounds familiar. We kicked that around for a minute. I would've mentioned it, but it wasn't a big deal. That's why both of those meetings slipped my mind. Believe me. I'm a truth-teller. I don't even know how to lie."

Reporter: "Is that a lie?"

Politician: "No comment."

The thing that gets me about all of it is that it must be exhausting!

How do you remember who you've deceived and who you haven't?

I know a guy who has a reputation for embellishing. The word in the social circles is:

"You have to listen to him because every once in a blue moon he tells the truth."

That's the way it is with politicians.

How in the hell can anyone exist in such a manner?

One lie after another.


Deny, deny, deny.

Garbage stories...

...both sides do it...


And it's pathetic.

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