Monday, March 13, 2017

Heavy Snow

What a weird winter.

Here in Buffalo we've seen just one storm this year...

...27 inches in three hours and caught in the car for a few hours.

If you would've told me that would be it for the winter I would've taken it.

We actually had a couple of days in the 70's and a half dozen in the 60's.

That's all great.

Then last week we had high winds that caused all kinds of damage - people were without power for a few days - our lights didn't flicker once.

We got lucky.

On Sunday morning I glanced out the window to see the blanket of white.

"Melky doesn't like snow," I mentioned.

Melky agreed.

The quick drive to grab the paper and the woman behind the desk broke the bad news.

"There's a winter storm watch," she said. "7 to 14 inches between Monday and Wednesday."

We both groaned.

I actually think this is the worst type of storm. We believe that we are done and bam...

...get the Carhartt back out.

Back in February we were all dreaming of a early start to the golf season.

The Yankees are 13-3 in the pre-season.

Summer is coming!

Then this!

Hoping that none of us get stuck in the car this time around.

7 to 14 inches of snow!


Melky doesn't like storms.

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