Saturday, March 11, 2017

It's Driving Me Batty!

I don't want to pay attention to politics.

I hate politics, actually.

I don't want to think about it, chat about it, write about it, listen to it, or certainly argue about ANY of it!

But here we are!

Millions may lose their health insurance, or so the headlines shouted.

A billions-dollar wall?

Four weekends of golf, and a attorney general working as a doorman at a pay-for-play resort?



...My God, the tweets!

And I can't help it!

I read for fun...

...and the sad, bitter, nasty chaos of the arguments are all over my timeline.

Articles about Putin and Al Franken and Obama.

Absolute chaos is muddying up the mind of a man who's only goal each and every day is ORDER!!!

Batty, I tell you!

I really wonder what it's all doing to the collective psyche of our country.

I try not to comment.

I do send a tweet to the president every day.

He hasn't answered...yet.

But I'm pissing in the wind with all of this.'

It doesn't matter. None of it will change, no matter who thinks what about any issue. The healthcare CEO's will get a tax break as the elderly lose coverage...

...whether I like that or not.

Ben Carson will talk about unwilling immigrants...

...Comrade Orange will talk about conspiracy after conspiracy.

Then we'll move on to more chaos!


When does baseball start?

March Madness is coming at the right time.

I need the order of the tourney.

The chaos is killing me.

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