Friday, March 31, 2017


I have a confession to make:

I listen to Sean Spicer do his White House Briefings every day.

He has the absolute worst job in the history of politics, and I find his daily struggling to be almost comical.

Confession number 2:

I kind of like the guy.

He tries his best to answer questions that are almost unanswerable and my favorite part of each day's briefing is when he finishes his prepared statement that is usually well-written and talks about the rights and wrongs of society and how the group is handling the challenges.

I can see why Saturday Night Live plucked his daily briefings for comedy gold.

Poor Spicey will say something like:

"The president yesterday met with ____ to discuss the global policies that shift toward peace and care and overall happiness in a difficult time."

Then he hesitates and takes a huge gulp, straining for air.

"Now I'll take some questions."

The first reporter will say:

"There was just a tweet about what you just said. The president says that everyone should go to hell and shut their mouths."

Another gulp.

"I'll let the tweet speak for itself, but I don't think he meant it the way you think he means it."

And his voice cracks like a pre-pubescent teen.

His face goes red.

I actually don't get to see it all the time, but it plays good on radio as well.

Yesterday he was on as the (failing) New York Times broke a story about Nunes being briefed before he briefed the White House about the briefing they gave him.

"Well, that's assuming that the reporting is accurate."

What is absolutely fascinating about it is that he has to put a spin on things in real time...

...he can twist a sentence around until no one knows what the hell he's talking about.

He can make a blatant lie show some sense of truth.

He smiles and tries to make things light.

"Is it true that the world is about to collapse?" A reporter might ask.

"That might be nice," He'll try, with a smile.

No one else will laugh.

"Okay then. Next question."

Poor Spicey.

I don't know what they're paying that guy, but he needs a raise.

And I defy you to listen to him and not think of Melissa McCarthy.

It can't be done!

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