Friday, March 3, 2017

The Shield

We found a lot of episodes of a good show.

The Shield was on for a lot of years starting in 2003. I never saw a single episode.

Television watching is pretty amazing these days.

Remember when there were only about 3 stations?

If you missed a show, you missed it!

There wasn't calling it up on-demand.

No such thing as DVR.

Yet now you can call up 88 episodes of a show that ended ten years ago.

Pretty amazing.

As for The Shield...'s a great show.

High drama...rooting for the bad guy...bad guys, good guys, and a little who fall on both sides of that line.

It makes me wonder if they'll ever stop making shows about cops and robbers.

Probably not.

As a society we all want the violence to end...

...but man, we do like to watch it all play out, don't we?

I remind myself that it's only television, but the reason why the show is good... because it mirrors real life.

And that's pretty scary.

You haven't seen it?

Apple TV, baby!

But it's probably on 7 different formats.

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