Tuesday, March 7, 2017

As the World Turns

What in the name of holy hell is going on with the Bidens?

Hunter Biden is now dating Haille Biden who used to be married to Beau Biden, Hunter's brother who died young.

Hunter's wife Kathleen is upset that her husband is now hanging with his sister-in-law and she said that he spent the family money on booze, drugs and hookers.

How's that sound?

There was a statement released by Joe who explained that the family was 100% behind the new relationship.

Okay then!

Nothing to see here.

I actually read the articles about it a couple of times just trying to get the names straight. That's what happens when everyone in the story has the same surname.

It must be difficult to live your life in the public eye, but no matter who you are or how much money you have, it's a little weird to hook up with your sister-in-law.

There are kids involved.

Isn't it confusing for them?

Do they now start calling Aunt Haille...Mom?

Or is their father now their uncle?

I'm sure that they'll all work it out...

...and the news will be there to watch it all play out.

Joe Biden was the guy that a lot of people wanted to oppose Clinton and perhaps take the presidency from Comrade Donny.

He didn't run because of his need to be there for his family.

I guess he wasn't telling an alternative fact.

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