Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Can't Keep Up!

The Oscars flub.

The transgender kid winning the wrestling title.

Kellyanne Conjob sitting on the White House couch like a 4-year-old.


Crooked media!!!

Bomb threats on Jewish Centers.

Racist killings.

Immigrants being deported.

Repealing healthcare.

Fighting ISIS

Nerve gas assassinations.

I can't even keep up anymore!

Then we have the hourly tweets.

The paranoia.

That's all we know about winning!

I'm so tired of winning I can't believe it.

Even George W. chimed in and said that there's too much divisiveness.


...the real story is the envelope and how Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway couldn't figure out:

Best Actress:

Emma Stone in La La Land


Best Picture:


Or whatever the hell it was.

Personally I think it was a publicity stunt...

...or a result of a crooked media trying to steal the thunder from the Russian scandal because the transgender kid, who might've been an immigrant, tried to bomb a Jewish Center because the cabinet wasn't being filled fast enough because of Putin.


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