Thursday, March 2, 2017


Mellencamp was on Howard Stern yesterday.

The good news is that he has a new record out at the end of April. The even better news is that the interview was great.

Howard started the interview by asking Mellencamp if he minded being compared to Springsteen.

"There's no comparison," he said. "Springsteen is a way better songwriter. I'm not in the same league."

And yet...I think I'd have a lot of fun (maybe just as much fun) talking to Mellencamp as Bruce.

Some of the revelations:

1). He never cared about money.

"I feel like I have to create something new every day."

2). He hates some of his own hit songs including "This Time I think I'm in Love."

Which is one of the first songs of his I loved.

3). Speaking of not liking his songs:

He turns his song off it comes on the radio. He doesn't watch himself on television and never even listens to his new records after he finishes working on them.

"Couple of takes. Done with it."

When Howard pressed him on it, saying that he should enjoy himself more he said:

"Ah, leave me alone. It's almost over."

4). He says women hate him.

He recently broke up with Christy Brinkley. Meg Ryan was his girl for a long while. He says that she can't stand him now.

"That's what I do to them. They all end up hating me."

He says he's done with them now. "Men like me but women don't. I figure it would be all right to be gay, but I can't figure out the sexual part of it."

5). He got busted for wearing Tupperware on his head rather than a helmet.

They brought their bikes to Florida but were unaware of the helmet laws.

So they improvised.

6). He was asked, by the head of Columbia records why he sang with, and allowed black people in his songs and in his videos.

"That's enough with the n$&@&rs," the big shot said.

"Get me out of that contract," he told his lawyer. "I'm all done with them."

7). He'd rather paint than sing.

He never wanted to be a pop singer.

He actually went to NYC to enroll in art school.

I can't wait for the record.

One of my heroes because he's the Lil' Bastard.

And one of my favorite lines of his:

"I never wanted to be famous. I just wanted a nap every day."


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