Wednesday, April 20, 2016

What the Hell Is Wrong With People?

I'm sure I can go a whole bunch of different ways with this one.

--- I can talk about the guy who lied at the sperm bank and committed fraud of epic proportions.

--- I can certainly mention the woman who had a gun in her hand with a toddler in the room and when the toddler startled her, she shot the kid in the hand.

(Where are the good toddlers with their guns?)

--- I could even dabble in the visit of one of the presidential candidates who mentioned the brave people of 7/11.

Or who told us that we will win, win and win until we are sick of winning and got loud cheers.

But for the purposes of this exercise I will mention the fans of Philadelphia.

(Drop the blog Gag, and stop reading right here).

The Flyers organization gave out a token for their long-time owner Ed Snider. It was done to honor a truly good guy in sports.

You know what the great fans of Philadelphia did with their treasured gifts?

They littered the ice with them when a call went against them in a series where they are completely over-matched anyways.

These are the same fans who booed Santa Claus.

They put a jail at their football stadium.

They regularly pummel the fans of the opposing teams.

Yet it is not all about the Philly people.

A Dodger fan almost killed a Giants fan.

There are at least a dozen arrests in my neighborhood whenever the Football Frackers play.

What is wrong with people?

Now...I can see Pops shaking his head at me and whispering hypocrite...

...yeah...I used to go to the games and drink a bunch of beers and act like a dopey bastard...

...but I never did something like what happens at games now.

The Bills fans go viral every week as they flop onto their drunken asses.

Players and refs are verbally attacked.

It's crazy!

And now they honor the owner by pelting the opposing players with the tokens they were given as a special piece.

What the hell is wrong with people?

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