Saturday, April 23, 2016

Curt Schilling: Fired!!!

So, ESPN finally did it.

After suspending Schilling for his meme on Muslims in which he couldn't disguise his hatred, he was finally let go when he offered his invaluable intelligence on the transgender issues that some people face.

It doesn't matter much what he said, but first off, his 1st amendment rights were not violated.

The government did not swoop in, gather his big, goofy ass and send him off to a prison.

He was fired by his employer.

For conduct that was most likely not allowed in the contract he signed.

That happens every single day.

To people not as famous as fake-bloody-sock boy.

Hell, he blocked me on Twitter for something I said about his financial failings that cost the state of Rhode Island millions so if he's all about not being offended...

Schilling loves attention.

He lives for the moments when we are speaking his name.

I'm hoping never to have to comment again.

Back about a year ago he posted something about his daughter. A bunch of fans were nasty to them. The 'fans' were straight up idiots. The remarks were horribly insensitive.

Doesn't Curt get it?

That some of his remarks are insensitive to people he doesn't know?

He posted a photo of a man who was comically dressed as a woman and there was hate speech attached.

He didn't create the meme...

...but he posted it.

Along with his highly valued spin on it.

ESPN had looked the other way twice.

(He had also posted about one of the presidential candidates being buried under a jail).

Adios, Curt.

I always knew the sock had paint on it.

'Cause you bent down to tie your shoe every 3rd pitch.

We get it.

You're the greatest.

Everyone who's different than you sucks.

Hope you aren't signing up for unemployment in Rhode Island.

They might garnish your wage.

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