Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Bionic Woman

I used to be in love with Jamie Sommers.

She was the Bionic Woman, of course, and she had that little dalliance with the Six Million Dollar Man...but make no mistake...

...she was Clifford's first love.

What was weird about the show was that it was on right when I was figuring out that women are really sweet to look at.

Plus Jamie was so strong...she had a really amazing right arm...she could hear shit from miles away and she could run up to 60 mph...

...can you imagine how handy she would have been around Camp Clifford?

The show was great.

I know that my siblings all loved it.

I believe that Carrie and Jeff had marathon days of watching both of the shows.

Oscar Goldman was the man, too!

He was always there for Steve Austin and Jamie Sommers.

Oscar got shit done!!

The reason why this all came to the forefront was because someone posted the photo on Facebook.

My heart stirred.

I wondered if the show "stands up".

Columbo still stands up.

Rockford still holds up.

Bonanza is still great.

I'm wondering about the bionic ones.

I might have to check things out.

It has to be available somewhere, right?


Remember when she sang 'Feelings'?

I'm sure Carrie remembers.

She was crying over losing Steve Austin.

I was happy!

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