Sunday, April 3, 2016

I Bought New Socks!

I go for work on my back, hips, feet on a weekly basis.

For the last three weeks or so I've had to make a joke because when I take off my shoes there's a huge hole in one or more of my socks.

Good news!

I bought 8 new pair!!

(I'm really quite an idiot).

The week has been fun.

Johnny and Sam are taunting, laughing, teasing, laughing, EATING, yelling, laughing, and playing.

Man...'s so much what I had every day with my brother, Jeff...

...and while it's sad...

...I've been able to share some of the moments with Johnny now.

I told him a couple of stories where Jeff got me good.

The April's Fools joke where he got me to call the zoo and ask for Mr. Fox.

A couple of the Florida stories.

It's tough.

Life is tough.

But the laughter rings out anyway, right?

Sam and Johnny and Jake and Johnny are simply 'Fuzzy' laughing all week.

And that's awesome.

Villanova is going to be playing for the National Championship on Monday night and that may not be the biggest story in the world, but Sam is on the verge of a title.

The boys all have their favorite teams and they root hard for them.

A title for Sam would give him 2.

His Buffalo-loving and Oakland-loving brothers are stuck at the number that they'll probably stay at:0.

Sam won with the '09 Yankees.

What else?


I'm not sure when my Dad said that first, but he used to say it when there was something out of the ordinary. I think it came from a movie somewhere.

I woke up on Sunday morning and with my first step out of bed I mentioned it to Paris.


Shooting pain in that left hip.

Different pain today.

Life is tough.

Maybe it's the new socks.

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